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JANVIKASC-105, Royal Chinamy Tower, Opp. IOC Petrol Pump, Off. Judges Bungalow Road, Ahmedabad, India, Tel : 079-26856685.

Enhancing Employability and Leadership among Youth is an initiative of Janvikas in 7 districts of Gujarat. In the first phase of this initiative, Janvikas successfully conceptualized its work with young people and directly worked with more than 6000 youth belonging to marginalized communities on different issues affecting young people. An evaluation of the programme and its impact during the first phase was carried out by external evaluators. Based on this evaluation, the second phase was planned and Janvikas initiated its work since April 2012. During this phase, Janvikas planned to emphasize its response on the livelihood and employability needs of young people through
vocational trainings, guidance and facilitating job placements with an added focus on capacitating Young Citizen Leaders around Youth Development Centres (YDCs) and to enhance participation and the inclusion of young women in YDCs. During the year following processes were facilitated as part of this intervention.
Enhancing employability of youth

The U LIVE team conducted a detailed market scan exercise in all blocks where YDCs are operational to understand current job market trends andourses were identified on this basis and faculty were recruited for running the courses. The U LIVE team prepared and conducted a 10-day Faculty Development Module and help youth facilitators in preparing the trainee batches. So far none of the employer where youth have been placed has had a complaint and students also have had shared positive views about their training experiences. During the reporting period 21 youth were successfully placed in different locations with the help of a placement officer.
Each YDC has a youth facilitator to facilitate young people visiting the

YDC on a daily basis and organize regular monthly activities for their development on the following 3 themes:

  • Youth Activity - Sport, Fun and Recreation comprising events, competition, picnics excursions, celebration of festivals and recreational events like games, music shows and film screening.
  • Youth Development - Knowledge, Information and Skills enhancing activity comprising information and guidance, formal and informal discussions on current issues, vocational training, guidance and career counselling.
  • Youth Action – Related to active citizenship comprising application of the RTI Act and other relevant rights and entitlements.

An average of 400 youth in each YDC participates in different activities organized through YDCs. The aim is to respond to the needs of young people and facilitate them to participate and lead community development issues among their respective community and to provide youth the space to learn and practice values of diversity, democracy and equality.