Ms. Farah Naqvi

She is a writer and activist working on public policy and the rights of the most marginalized from both a development and justice perspective. She works on minority rights, (in particular, the Muslim community), Dalit rights, gender issues and women’s education. Farah Naqvi is one of the founders of Nirantar (a Delhi-based NGO working on gender & education), a Board Member of Oxfam India and on the Board of PAHAL (a rural women’s media collective based in Bundelkhand which published KhabarLahariya. She has authored a book, Waves in the Hinterland exploring connections between rural women, education, rural media, democracy and citizenship. She was Member, Planning Commission Steering Committee (Women and Child), Working Group (Minority Affairs) and Working Group (Youth Affairs & Adolescents) for the 11th five-year plan, and was Member, Steering Committee on the Empowerment of Minorities for the 12th five-year plan.

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