Being a non-profit organisation, it is essential to have an adequate availability of resources for continuing our efforts to bring about concrete and sustainable changes in the lives of the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities. We constantly strive to have long term partnerships for financial and knowledge resources. We are fortunate to have secured long-term partnerships with highly credible funding agencies that enlarge our canvas of outreach to various levels.

We welcome opportunities to work in partnership with all like-minded organisations and support collaborations that directly contribute in development of human capital through range of interventions that includes enhancing livelihoods options, promoting non- traditional livelihood for women,  monitoring and advocacy of proper implementation of RTE Act 2009 and improving quality of education in selected government primary schools  as well as developing citizen leadership among youth.

We encourage companies who are passionate about these causes that ensure dignified life for women, sustainable livelihood for youth as well as quality education for children and also believe that it is essential for the development of human capital for becoming a progressive nation.

We ensure professional excellence in implementation of the projects in addition to ensuring highest level of financial transparency in all transactions.

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