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JANVIKASC-105, Royal Chinamy Tower, Opp. IOC Petrol Pump, Off. Judges Bungalow Road, Ahmedabad, India, Tel : 079-26856685.

Paryavaran Mitra, the enviro-legal unit of JANVIKAS was initiated in 1997 on environmental issues that have an impact on the human rights of people, especially marginalized communities.  Towards this, Paryavaran Mitra’s approach has been to monitor implementation of environmental law meant for industries and take up issues of human rights and injustice caused by industrial and government development projects, policy advocacy and creating awareness and building capacities of local organizations and community-based leaders.

The above interventions bring about concrete changes in the lives of marginalized / discriminated communities and also contribute significantly to state and national level policy changes and invoking international for viz., the communal violence bill, the compensation package for the Gujarat violence affected people, pioneered the debate on relief and rehabilitation policy for Internally displaced people due to conflict, contributing as co chair to the 12th five year plan approach paper for voluntary sector and some landmark public interest litigations etc. Janvikas along with its institutional field also contributes significantly at the international level on the issue of caste based discrimination, law and social justice and IDPs. The web of Janvikas institutional field reaches out directly to more than 2 million people in whose life concrete changes are brought about, annually builds capacities of more than 60 civil society organizations and contributes to national level policy changes / proper implementation of existing policies, and influencing international level debate and policy making.