Our Partners

India’s current socio-economic environment presents a dynamic opportunity for philanthropic organisation to propel change and speed up growth to create a society that is empowered and just. Within a complex and multifaceted socio-economic environment like India’s the need for institutional support is quite evident to bring social change. Institutional funding is usually in the form of grant for large-scale interventions. It is the continuous support from institutional donors that ensures stability, and allows more systemic and sustainable change through policy reforms and advocacy. Such funding is therefore vital in enlarging the canvas of outreach to various levels to ensure equal opportunities to human being to achieve their full potential.
We believe in long term partnership with donors, network partners and community to realise our vision-mission for ‘just’ human development. We have long lasting relationship with our existing donors, network partners and community who aspire to make a difference to Indian Democracy.
In our 32 years journey, we have been recognized as National Resource and Support Organisation for setting up, supporting, incubating and nurturing strategic development interventions in response to emerging socio-economic-political realities. Over the years, we have developed an institutional field of 12 interconnected yet autonomousorganisations that started as young community leaders or professional – led intitiatives and as one of Janvikas’ programmes.