Inspired by the ideology of Paulo Freire, Mahatma Gandhi & B.R. Ambedkar and born out of a quest for justice. Janvikas’ continues its pursuit towards creation of a society that is just, democratic and secular.


Aspire to empower, capacitate and facilitate change agents who are leaders in the communities or CBO or POs or CSOs and NGOs aspiring to make a difference in Indian democracy.

The change agents then empower and serve their communities to transform them to practice equality, non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion as well as promote   peace building and alternative dispute resolution process.Hence, our overall methodology and approach at work in all our interventions is empowering and enabling the co-travellers (community stakeholders, CBOs, POs and other CSOs) in our journey in fulfilling our vision-mission.

Our Focus

To work with marginalised communities like Scheduled Castes (Dalits), Scheduled Tribes  (Adivasis), Minorities, Women and Urban poor. Also focused on creating support system for these margnialised community who struggle to lead a life of dignity and equity.

Organizational journey of 32 years puts Janvikas as a long distance runner. Our trajectory is replete with rich personal narratives of the leadership that we have promoted ; numerous change makers that have stepped forward to work for justice delivery and above all remarkable journey with our diverse constituency of the Dalits, Minorities, Adivasis, women, youth and children.