Janvikas has a leadership forum consisting of programme / Unit leaders with the following roles and responsibilities.

  • Sharing progress of programmes, achievements and challenges
  • Collaborating to develop synergy among programmes.
  • Supporting one another in facing challenges on internal and external nature.
  • Overall responsibility of all the programmes of Janvikas and their effective implementation.
  • Facilitating annual review and planning process of all the programmes of Janvikas.

The forum meets once in a month for agenda decided in the above context. The CEO of Janvikas convenes the meeting and also facilitates it.

The forum promotes the culture of mutual accountability , collaboration and synergies between various programme.

Vijay Parmar

Vijay Parmar

Managing Trustee

Kirti Joshi

Chief Executive Officer

Jitendra Rathod

Leader - Urban Initiative

Janisar Sheikh

Leader - Udaan

Shiji Abraham

Manager - Fund Raising

Geeta Oza

Leader - HIDRC