With a vision to nurture civil society organisations, young leaders from community, young professionals, networks / platforms etc. who are able to stage a systemic movement against inequalities, njustice and oppression leading towards the building of a more human, just and secular society.


  • Incubating issue-based institutions
  • Strengthening civil society organizations (issue based networks, community based organisations, people’s organisations, people’s institutions, NGOs)
  • Motivate and support young professionals, social activists and community leaders to strengthen their leadership on the issues they want to act upon
  • Institutional response to emerging reality
  • HID support to Janvikas institutional fields
  • Knowledge building

Capacity Building as an Approach and Methodology

In an effort to motivate and establish positive identities, capacity building efforts of HIDRC combine humanizing processes along with technical skills and have evolved methodologies to address the deep discriminated social structures of inequalities that Dalits, Muslims; Adivasis and women carry in their individual and social psyche. HID work is political which allows one to understand one’s power and also the meta-power in macro world – to strategise.

Nurturing, Capacitating Leadership and Incubating Institutions

HIDRC plays animportant role in nurturing leadership and incubating organization. Itplays an enabling role lay in giving perspectives, extending accompaniment where required and even access funding for sustaining their work till their `take off’ stage. The aspiring leaders aresupported with fellowships, capacitated to create a constituency of development work.

Support for Incubating Organisations

Till date, it has incubated 12 organisations. Demonstrated models in diverse themes of women’s empowerment and rights, social justice for the marginalised, youth development and media advocacy. Few of them are

Support to civil society organisation (NGOs and Issue based networks)

Janvikas has supported various organisations across the country through its HID work. Few of them are mentioned below :

  • Organisation Development Process Facilitation : Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN)- Delhi ,Vaagdhara – Rajasthan, Jagori Rural, Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives (AALI) – UP, Development Support Center- Gujarat, National Foundation for Innovation (NFI) – Delhi, Terre Des Hommes – South Asia- Delhi, Partners of Swiss Aid India, Area Networking and Development Initiative (ANANDI)-  Gujarat, Freedom form Hunger India Trust- Delhi  and Care – Bihar were supported.
  • Strategic Planning Process facilitation. : Azaad Foundation, Delhi , Recovering and Healing from Incest (RAHI) Foundation, Delhi , Lok Manch, Delhi , Aatapi Trust were supported
  • Capacity building of fellows : Dalit Foundation
  • Engaging with students and young minds on understanding human rights issues, civil society and the role of young citizens :Students from educational institutions like Nirma University  MICA, EDI, IIMA, ASPIRE were engaged.
  • Leadership Academy : A year long leadership development program facilitation for 22 persons from 13 organizations across the country (including Jammu & Kashmir). So far, over 250 leaders from over 50 organizations’ top and or second-line have been capacitated.