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To give dignity of life

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To give dignity of life

Incubated by HIDRC, ManavGarima grew around the passionof ParoshothamVaghela to improve the degrading workingconditions of Valmikis who continue to pursue their traditionaloccupations in sweeping and manual scavenging.

With a fellowshipfrom Janvikas in 2001, ParoshothamVaghelawent ahead to set upManavGarima by 2005.Recognising its work and the credibility that ManavGarimaenjoys with Valmiki community, the Ahmedabad MunicipalCorporation has been consulting ManavGarima on issues ofmanual scavenging, safety measures to sweepers, health services,slum eviction and accessing government schemes. Paroshothamis proud to say that AMC has asked ManavGarima to executetwo pilot projects to stop open defecation and is hopeful that thismodel would be replicated in several areas of the city where opendefecation continues to be widespread. The AMC has also passedaresolution to provide safety devices to all municipal sweepers.ManavGarima has influenced AMC in its city action plan to set upadequate sanitation infrastructure to stop the practice of manualscavenging. For ManavGarima all this has been enabling to deepentheir advocacy work.

The enactment of the Prohibition of Employment as ManualScavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013 has given an enablingadvocacy space for ManavGarima to deepen its cause. The verynext day of the enactment of this Act, ManavGarima responded byfiling 13 cases against AMC officers.

Apart from its advocacy work,ManavGarima has been working for the socio-economic benefitsof Valimikis – enrolling children in schools, setting up educationsupport centres and accessing government scheme and establishinga credit cooperative for Valmikis.

With its close connections withthe state government, national level organisations such as NationalCampaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) and its leadership,ManavGarima has positioned the cause of Valmiki community atlocal, state and national level.

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