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JANVIKASC-105, Royal Chinamy Tower, Opp. IOC Petrol Pump, Off. Judges Bungalow Road, Ahmedabad, India, Tel : 079-26856685.

The mandate of the Human and Institutional Development Resource Center (HIDRC) is to support provide HID support to NGOs, CBOs, issue-based networks and individuals and existing programmes of Janvikas. HIDRC
engages largely with organizations and individuals to support and strengthen grass-root organizations, issue-based networks and initiatives and programmes of Janvikas so that they become effective and efficient in bringing about concrete changes and realization of rights in the lives of the marginalized and discriminated communities and thereby contribute in building a just, democratic and secular society. HIDRC's thematic areas of work have deepened over the years to focus on the following:

  1. Strengthen organizations working on human rights of marginalized communities and develop leadership in marginalized communities
  2. Strengthen Governance in Civil Society Organizations
  3. Support programmes and initiatives of Janvikas on Leadership Building, Organizational Development and Human and Institutional Development in order to achieve their expected results.
  4. Develop and strengthen perspectives among civil society organizations on issues of urbanization and urban poor and to initiate a platform to bring together actors of civil society to explore contemporary issues affecting society at large, spread awareness and initiate action.